Founding Statement

The One New School Coalition — at its founding on December 12, 2022, amid increasing global labor mobilization — wishes to affirm confidence in ourselves, in each other, rather than the current University Leadership, and to bind us into an active political body, and to hold ourselves accountable for continuing the emergent struggle for a renewed, more just New School.

As our first action, we undertake a vote of no confidence in all – whether on the Board of Trustees or in the University Leadership–who, throughout the strike, devised, endorsed, and implemented the anti-union strategies and divisive intimidation tactics that should have no place in our University.

We are aware that the problems of the school run much deeper than the current administration and cannot be solved through the mere removal of individual administrators. For this reason, we also demand full financial transparency and the activation of a participatory process for the administration of the school, including the budget.

With this, we also call upon fellow members of academia to actively question and hold decision-makers accountable for fostering community governance in higher education and beyond.

As a collective and diverse body of students, staff, part-time faculty, full-time faculty, alumni, and parents of The New School, we stand united. We are One New School.